3 Beard Growth Tips Every Black Man Needs To Know

3 Beard Growth Tips Every Black Man Needs To Know

When it comes to growing a beard, we often wait to establish a proper grooming routine until there’s a fair amount of growth. After all, it’s only stubble, right? What a lot of men don’t know is that how you care for that new beard growth has a direct impact on the long-term health and appearance of your beard. 

Early grooming also sets the stage for your beard care by getting you in the habit of using the right products and techniques. Today, we’re covering:  

  • Why your first week of growing your beard is a crucial stage
  • The nonnegotiable step that’s missing from many men’s grooming routines
  • The key aspect of beard growth that has nothing to do with hair care 

Follow these top three beard growth tips from grooming expert, Brandon Patton, and start things off right. 

Tip #1: Have these core beard care tools on your bathroom counter

Beard WashEven when you’re working with only stubble, keep that area clean with a gentle beard wash. The right beard wash will clean your beard strands and the skin underneath without overly stripping the area of its natural moisture.

Beard Hydrator: Again, don’t neglect your stubble, especially when it comes to hydration. Think about it this way — stubble eventually becomes the oldest part of your beard. It’s essentially the tip of your beard. The longer your facial hair grows, the further away it gets from your skin’s oil-producing glands.

Since those natural oils can’t reach the tip of your beard, the ends are highly susceptible to split ends, cracks, and damage. Don’t wait until your beard is dry and brittle. Hydrate and moisturize your stubble from the get-go.

Beard Oil For the same reasons that a beard hydrator is essential, beard oil also needs to be part of your beard maintenance routine. Beard oil is used for soothing and softening new growth. If you’ve ever grown a beard before (or at least tried to), then you know that new growth tends to be a little irritated. Beard oil seals in moisture, which is not only good for the health of your beard, but also for your beard’s appearance. 

Tip #2: Exfoliation is key

Now that we covered how to care for your stubble, let’s talk about skin. If your skin is dry or irritated, using a quality scrub/exfoliant will gently remove those dead, flaky skin cells and keep the area around your beard smooth and polished. 

Exfoliating also prevents other problems like bumps and infections, which are caused by bacteria and fungus trapped beneath dry skin. Using a quality beard scrub is also the best way to avoid ingrown hairs, which occur when the hair grows back into the follicle and gets trapped under the skin.

Tip #3 Be patient and trust the journey

Gentlemen, you’ve got to be realistic about your journey and pace. You’re eager to get that end result, but be present. Instead of worrying about what your beard will be like 7 days or 30 days from now, focus on what your beard needs in the present moment.

Mindset can be the difference between a frizzy, dry beard and a beard that’s strong and healthy. In the initial growth stage, some of you may not be used to your new look. Maybe it’s not as full as you’d like it to be. Maybe your skin is a little irritated. If you’re struggling with your beard growth journey, keep coming back to the present moment. There’s a reason that beards are a mark of dedication, patience, and persistence. 

Tell us, what’s your favorite part about starting a fresh look? What’s the most challenging part? Leave a comment below and join our community dedicated to transforming the landscape of grooming and self-care for Black men.

One thought on “3 Beard Growth Tips Every Black Man Needs To Know

  1. avatar Ronald Bourn says:

    One side of grows longer or faster than the other. My chin beard is not as thinner even after using the derma roller routine. I am a 72 year old black man letting my beard grow. I go and have it trim once a month, wash and condition once a week, oil and balm everyday.

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