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Top 5 Holiday Beard Care Products Every Guy Needs

The holiday season is among us! Shopping malls will soon be flooded with buzzing consumers. Likewise, online shops will be sold out of inventory within minutes due to high web traffic. We’re giving you a head start with the perfect gift for the bearded man from Evan Alexander Grooming.

Top 5 Beard Care Products Every Guy Needs

Evan Alexander is an all-natural full grooming line made specifically to enhance the health, quality, and appearance of men of color. We believe that healthy hair, skin, and bodies begin with the utilization of high-quality products.

Beard growers around the world know that the hair that grows on your face is just as (if not more) important as the hair that grows on your head. Because the skin on our heads is less sensitive than the skin on our faces, the products we use on our facial hair is extremely important.

Here are our TOP 5staple beard care products:

MY Wash is a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses, removes product build-up, and revitalizes the skin underneath. This product is perfect for the man who is in the beginning stages of creating his perfect beard care regimen. Start him off on the right foot with MY Wash!

MY Beard Conditioner was made for the man who wishes to achieve an easy-to-manage beard. This rinse-out utility tool was made with ingredients that help repair beard damage and boost moisture, revealing a softer, smoother beard.

MY Hydration (leave-in conditioner) is always a great idea. It is perfect for the man who may not always have the time to do a multi-step beard care regimen, and that’s okay! This hydrating leave-in conditioner is a one-step process that takes only seconds to apply and then you’re out the door. No need to rinse!

MY Balm is for the man who takes his beard gameseriously. He has established a solid regimen and sticks to it religiously. His beard is always neat and hardly ever has a hair out of place. MY Balm works double duty to lock in moisture and keep those fly-aways at bay.

Sandalwood Wooden Beard Pick is a great alternative to the metal picks we’ve used for so long. This pick is not only great for detangling, but the sunflower oil coated wooden picks help reduce split ends and breakage as you work them through your beard. This is perfect for the man who wants something to keep on him when he goes. Keep one in your back pocket or car to make sure your beard is always on point.

Now that we’ve covered the perfect products for the bearded man from beginner to expert, it’s time for you to WOW them with their very own jar of Evan Alexander products!

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