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Detoxing your Beard for Healthier Growth

Why Should You Detox Your Beard?

Having a regular beard detox routine helps to keep your beard healthy by reducing beard dandruff and patchiness. Aside from this benefit, this procedure has other health benefits, such as:

  •   The promotion of healthy cell growth.
  •   Repair of the skin cells.
  •   It contains acne and black-head fighting ingredients.
  •   It removes toxins from the skin.
  •   It removes bacteria and dirt from the skin.

Due to several environmental conditions, it’s  not uncommon to have an itchy and flaky beard. Whenever you find out that your beard is itchy and flaky, there is usually an underlying  problem. 

If you feel you have a patchy beard and you are not experiencing a natural beard growth, you have to do something about this. The best way to start this process is to know that dead skin cells are the primary triggers of a patchy beard. To get potential hair growth, you need to remove those dead skin cells. This technique is the routine for you. If you like this routine and want to apply it to your beard, it is  quite straightforward. The tools that you will need for the beard detox routine are:

How the My Face Scrub Works

The My Face Scrub is a utility tool that can improve facial skin health. It does this by performing the detox action. It helps in the skin underneath the beard.

The beard solution contains the following high concentrations of essential skin detox elements:  bentonite clay, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, organic aloe vera and various other clays.

The My Face Scrub is an essential tool to detox the beard and take care of the skin underneath it. It is a great solution for beard problems, especially for black men with beards.


How To Apply the My Face Scrub

To begin the process, there are steps you need to follow to get the best results.

1)    Wet your beard with lukewarm to cold water. You could get your entire beard wet in this process.

2)    Get a towel and dry your face of any excess water. Ensure that your beard  is thoroughly dry before moving on to the next stage.

3)    Get the MY Face Scrub and pour some into your hands.

4)    Work the clay in your hands to get a smooth and consistent texture.

5)    Apply the detox to the intended areas in your beard  (You could decide to apply this all over your face).

6)    Ensure that you apply the MY Face Scrub clay efficiently. The clay  should be used all over your beard. Ensure not to leave any area untouched. Apply on the moustache, both facial sideburns, and underneath the jaw.

7)    After applying the paste on every part of the beards, allow it to dry for about 3-5 minutes. The recommended wait time is about 10 to 15 minutes. This delay will allow the paste to become active on the skin. When active, it can then successfully perform its function.

8)    The next step is to rinse the clay off your beard with lukewarm to cold water.

9)    After rinsing your beard with water, clean it up with a microfiber towel

10)    After rinsing the beard detox off your face, the next step in the routine is to hydrate your beard.

Hydrating Your Beard

The second major  part in this routine is to hydrate your beard. To successfully hydrate your beards, you need a beard leave-in  hydrator like the MY Hydration. Apply the cream on your beard. Now just like any other application in this routine apply evenly and saturate the product from root to tip.


Moisturize your Beard

This third step to a beard routine is moisturizing. You can do this with a beard oil like the MY Serum.. Spray 1-2 drops of the My Serum into the palm of your hands depending on the length and thickness of your beard.  Massage into your beard from root to tip.

You’re locked and loaded to start off your beard journey on the right foot. This is a simple routine to follow using the My Face Scrub and beard tools found in the MY Beginner’s Kit. 

For best results, we suggest using the MY Hydration and MY Serum morning and nightly, the MY Face Scrub 1-2 times a week, and MY Wash beard shampoo no more than 1-2 times a week.


[Image by Chris Kattiens-Miner]


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