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Using the Derma Roller & Hair Repair Serum to Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is a huge problem, and is affecting a large percentage of people in our community. By age of 35, an estimate of 66% of American men will experience hair loss, and by the age of 50 approximately 85% of men have thinning hair according to the American Hair Loss Association. However, with innovative treatments like the Derma Roller, this problem can be solved quickly. 

In this blog post, we’ll demonstrate to you how to use the Derma Roller with the “My Hair Repair Serum,” which will subsequently help induce hair growth.

How to Use The Derma Roller on Your Hair Scalp

The Derma Roller is used on the hair scalp. It helps induce growth in the beard. To begin, you will have to get the 1mm or the 1.5mm Derma Roller. This derma roller size is preferable since the human scalp is thicker than the skin under the beard. The skin is not as thick as the human hair scalp. You would need longer microneedles if you were to achieve excellent results.

Cleaning the Derma Roller

Before using the Derma Roller with the My Hair Repair Serum, you must practice healthy habits. The best way to practice healthy habits is to clean the Derma Roller. You will need an alcohol solution to sanitize your Derma Roller properly.

To clean the Derma Roller is quite a straightforward process. All you need to do is spray some alcohol on the derma roller. Make sure to apply an ample amount when cleaning. When you get done, shake up the derma roller to get rid of the alcoholic solution. The shaking will induce dryness in the derma roller. Once your derma roller is dry, it is ready for use.

Using the Derma Roller on Your Hair Scalp

Before you apply the derma roller on your hair scalp, you should have a very low haircut. The reason for this is because the derma roller can get caught in your hair. This procedure means that you have to use the tool on a clean scalp. Therefore, you need a low haircut. If you do not have short hair, get a haircut and move to the next phase. If you have a low haircut, skip the next stage.

How to Use the Derma Roller after a Haircut

You want to give this treatment every opportunity to be effective. So, if you haven’t had your haircut, it is recommended that you get one. Now after getting your haircut, do not use the derma roller immediately. You need to wait 12- 24 hours before using it.

Applying the Derma Roller Treatment on Your Scalp

One of the significant benefits of the derma roller is to allow adequate blood flow to the affected area. The biological process that happens when blood flows to a body part is that there is a good supply of oxygen. The hair needs adequate oxygen to grow. Additionally, the blood flow also provides the affected hair area with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The hair needs these three essential elements to become fully nourished for healthy growth. Follow these steps below.

Begin rolling the (alcohol-sanitized) derma roller throughout your hair scalp. The right way to go about this is to place it in the affected hair area (where you are experiencing the hair loss), depending on where you have the hair problem. Locate this spot and put the derma roller on that location. With the derma roller gently placed on your scalp, use the tool the right way. You roll the tool vertically- back and forth 10 -14 times. Likewise, you roll horizontally – back and forth 10 to 14 times.

Now the up and down motion has to be repeated several times before switching to the horizontal movement pattern 10 to 14 times. Move the derma roller from the left and to the right 10 to 14 times. Then move the Derma Roller over to the opposite side and move it from right to left. Then next comes the diagonal motion. Move the derma roller in a diagonal movement pattern. Execute the procedure on both diagonal positions to make an “X” sign over the troubled spot.

As soon as you conclude the derma roller treatment, rinse your hair with water and  wait at least 24 hours after derma rolling before applying any hair care product to avoid irritation.  Afterwards, apply the Hair Repair Serum followed by a 2-3 minute scalp massage.

For the best results, use the derma roller 1-2 times a week or whenever you shampoo your hair. Do this process over the course of  1-3 weeks, if you are using .5mm to 1.5mm derma roller size. Apply the “My Hair Repair Serum” twice a day. Preferably, morning and night daily.

If you religiously follow this routine, over time, you will be able to notice some improvements in your hairline, as long as your follicles are functional and you do not have any scar tissue. At this point, you can begin to keep records of your progress. Be patient with the process. If you have been experiencing hair loss for months or years, do not expect your hair to grow back in 30 days or 60 days. It takes about 120 days for the body to renew itself with new healthy blood cells completely.


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Kelvin Gordon El

Kelvin Gordon El

April 24, 2021

Did you do a video demo as a instructional resource as well? Where can we all see that demo

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