3 Beard Care Routines Every Man Needs to Know

Beard care is never one and done. Different conditions call for different ways of grooming our beards! I’m talking about external conditions like climate, sun exposure, the seasons changing...and internal conditions like stress levels, aging, and diet. 

So unless you live in a place with one season and everything else in your life is static, you’ve got to start treating your beard care as something that evolves. That’s one of the reasons we refer to it as the beard journey here at Evan Alexander. 

But between you and I, there are so many variations of routines and products that it can get confusing. We’re here to simplify all of it. 

Discard the cookie-cutter way of grooming, and level up your knowledge. Here are the top three routines every bearded man needs to know. Word to the wise, these methods will make your beard impressive.

Core Essential Routine

Great for: Beginners

If you’re just starting out on your beard journey, the Core Essential Routine is the way to go. Consider it the foundation of beard care. This is the routine that I followed when I hit the reset button and shaved my beard off at the top of 2020. It consists of three easy steps: 

Step 1: Beard Wash

For removing all of that funk from your beard (who doesn’t want that?)

Step 2: Beard Hydrator

For preventing brittle beard strands and protecting against breakage

Step 3: Beard OIl or Balm

For sealing in moisture

Morning & Night Routine

Great for: Coarse, Wavy, Curly, and/or Kinky Hair

Years ago, I noticed a gap in the way men were caring for their beards. Many men (particularly those of us with coarse, wavy, curly, and/or kinky hair textures) were waking up each morning to thirsty, dry beards. Not only did our beards look rough, but they were also unruly and harder to manage.

That’s when I realized that, while everyone had a morning routine down, the key to a softer and more manageable beard was a consistent nightly beard care regimen. Without further adieu, here’s what your daily beard rituals might look like:


Step 1: Beard Hydrator

Step 2: Beard Balm


Step 1: Beard Hydrator

Step 2: Beard Oil

Two to three times a week, you want to be sure to throw in a beard wash. The above is an example of a non-wash day. 

Also, feel free to switch up beard balm and beard oil. You can do it as shown above, or use the oil in the morning and the balm at night; it’s all preference.

MY Hydrating Repair Routine

Great for: Dry Beards (Bring Your Beard Back to Life!)

This is one of my favorites! This is the routine I’ve been practicing for quite some time now, long before we launched the products on Evan Alexander Grooming. 

The MY Hydrating Repair Routine is the most comprehensive out of the three routines and will especially help you if you’re in need of a little more hydration. It might seem like more maintenance than the other two routines, but the results truly speak for themselves. It goes like this:

Step 1: Beard Wash

Step 2: Beard Conditioner

Step 3: Beard Hydrator

Step 4: Beard OIl

Step 5: Beard Balm

Now, the star product of this routine is the conditioner, especially if you get yourself a rinse-off, utility conditioner like MY Beard Conditioner. Take a look at the uses this single product affords:

  • A deep conditioning treatment for extra softness
  • A way to improve elasticity and reduce breakage. Though I’ve talked about this before, it’s worth mentioning again: Black men are more prone to hair breakage, brittleness, and dryness due to the shape and structure of our hair follicles. The right conditioner will counteract that by strengthening hair and beard strands.
  • For hydration and moisture retention. You can throw on beard hydrator all day long, but that’s just money down the drain without an effective conditioner! Hydrator and conditioner are complementary products—the former provides hydration, while the latter makes sure beard strands retain it. 
  • A ‘co-wash’ a.k.a. ‘conditioner only’ wash. Maintain your beard’s softness and freshness in between shampoo uses. This is my go-to after the gym on non-wash days!

There you have it, gentlemen. Our tried and true beard care regimens, thoughtfully designed to keep your beard looking first-rate, no matter the circumstances. 

Now we’d like to hear from you. Have you ever had to switch up your grooming strategy to better suit your beard’s needs at the moment? Did tweaking your routine have a noticeable effect on your beard’s health and appearance? Drop a comment and let our community know! 

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