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How to Fix Patchy Beard - 7 Secrets

How to Fix Patchy Beard - 7 Secrets

Written by: Brandon Patton



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Don’t let a patchy, uneven beard stop you from stepping out in confidence. From least to most expensive, we’ve rounded up seven tried-and-true solutions that add density to your facial hair, giving you the clean, sharp beard you deserve. Regardless of your budget, we’ve got you (and those patches) covered.

Grow it out

Even if your beard won’t grow in particular spots, try letting it grow longer everywhere else. A longer beard can trick the eye and camouflage whatever patchiness you have.

Pencil it in

If waiting for hair growth isn’t an option, get yourself a beard filler pencil or pen. This tool is perfect for quick touch ups and fits in your pocket. You can create the look of a thicker, fuller beard by drawing in the areas that are bald or sparse. 

Some pens have a multi-prong tip that creates the illusion of hair strands. Others let you shade in the area. It might take some playing around with to get your beard looking just right, but this is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix.

Fade it in

Eliminate patchiness and add some personality to your look with a beard fade. Some men might resist this option, especially those who are set on a certain aesthetic. But sometimes, you’ve gotta work with what you got! 

This technique will blend any patchy areas into the rest of your beard, making everything appear smoother and more even.

Start derma rolling

Get to the root of your patchy beard woes by using a derma roller. Dermarolling — a type of microneedling — is usually talked about in the context of skincare, but studies have proven that this at-home treatment is a heavy-hitter in the hair department as well. Derma rollers use tiny micro-needles to prompt the flow of blood (and oxygen) across the skin. This nourishing boost makes the area more optimal for growth to take place. 

The only caveats? You’ll have to keep your beard relatively short since longer strands can get caught in the tool’s needles. Results also take time and consistency and this is by no means a quick fix. Still, many guys swear by this technique for keeping their beards healthy and full.

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Spray on hair fibers

You can create more density in your beard by spraying on hair fibers. These colored keratin strands cling to your existing hair, giving the appearance of a darker and fuller beard. Like a beard filler pencil/pen, these hair fibers wash off at the end of the day.

Try micro-pigmentation

For our low-maintenance guys who don’t feel like filling in their beard every time they get ready, micropigmentation is the ultimate solution. A specialized artist uses a micro-needle to deposit pigment onto the skin, either in the form of dots (to mimic follicles) or strokes (to mimic the look of hair strands). It’s essentially a semi-permanent facial tattoo, lasting for up to eight years.

A highly skilled technician can create the appearance of density with incredibly natural-looking results. Just take a look online — the before/after photos are pretty mind-blowing.

Consider a beard transplant

Unlike dermarolling and  micropigmentation, beard transplants are invasive procedures. The process involves taking follicles from one part of your body and transplanting it to your facial hair region. The upside is that you’re not merely creating the illusion of a fuller beard — you’re gaining the ability to grow a real one out. And while it’s an investment, it certainly is an option for some.

If you’ve tried any of the methods listed here, let us know how it worked out for you. Is there a tool or trick that we didn’t mention? Drop a comment below and share the knowledge with the community. We love to see our members exchanging gems in the comments!

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