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King Care Grooming Tips

Grooming for Black men can be tricky but when there is a consistent effort, others take notice…in a good way. Here are seven of the best grooming must-do’s when it comes to you and your body.

It’s all about the face.The most distracting you can avoid is overgrown nose and ear hair. These hairs are important for filtering debris and ultimately keeping the body healthy, but they don’t have any other purpose. Use a small grooming scissor or clippers to trim the excess hair.

Trim your beard and mustache. Once you reach a certain age or just want to maintain a professional look, beards and mustaches require taming. Shave just up to the jaw line to create a look that is neat yet effortless. And that goes for the stache too. Gray hair requires management to avoid looking wild and prickly.

Are you doing dreadlocks? If yes, they deserve to look robust and clean. Because many with locks wash their hair less frequently than others, be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and wrap them when sleeping to manage dirt and shedding. Love your locks and they’ll love you.

We smell you too. But too much cologne is a disaster for you and those around you. Regardless of the fragrance, all you need is 2-3 sprays in the right places. More than that, can turn a subtle scent into a cloud of obnoxious fumes. It can repel people and be a reflection on you as well. If ever in doubt, ask a good friend if the scent is ‘too loud’ or not.

Nail it down. More men are getting pedicures and manicures and that’s a good grooming investment. Finger and toenails should always be clipped short but never so short as to expose the nail bed. Treat yourself once every 4-6 weeks and have your cuticles trimmed down.

Foot care. Take care of everything below the ankle because health, clean feet are happy feet. Rough, dry heels are common among men. Use a pumice stone during a shower, manage any foot fungus early on, and remember to use lotion to remedy cracking skin.

Hair there, hair everywhere. Many think macho men should have hairy bodies but there comes a point when a jungle of hair needs to be pruned back. Invest in a trimmer with an adjustable settings and clip hair especially on the chest, stomach, underarms, shoulders, and back.

These seven grooming tips will surely enhance your outward appeal and send the message that you are on top of your game. Take care of yourself and others will take notice.

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Demetrious Parker

Demetrious Parker

November 05, 2020

grooming tips helpful. New Haven, Conn home of Yale University.Will always share info around the community regarding Black Men’s Grooming Den. A great fan and supporter.

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