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Your skin is under attack! Do something now.

Looking to up your game?

Maybe you’ve already started off with a beginner routine, but want something more. Maybe you just wanna dive right in and get that fresh look and new vibes you’ve always wanted. 

Either way, if you’re looking for a next level skincare routine for men, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. 

OurMY Age Defender Kit has everything you need to look fresh and feel unstoppable day in and day out. 

Defender Kit                                                               

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So, let’s jump right in and get you that new look so you can feel confident throughout your day. 

What’s the MY Age Defender Kit Routine Do?

The MY Age Defender Kit routine is designed to help you look fresh and glow all day long. 

Start the day with a fresh start!

For starters, it cleanses your skin naturally to get rid of that pesky acne and heal any inflammation or damage that’s occurred. It also gives your face a good exfoliation while giving it a fresher, smoother, energized looking skin. Finally, it moisturizes your skin to help it stay clean and smooth, no matter how rough your day’s been. 

Got all that? Don’t worry, the kit comes with an easy-to-follow guide to help you on your daily skincare routine. 

All set now? Nice. Let’s get started with how this skincare routine for men like you works. 

Rise and Grind

All right, time to rise and grind to get that shine on!


To start off, grab yourMY Face Cleanser. Wet your face with some warm water and pour a bit of the cleanser onto your wet hands until you’ve got a nice lather going. Then, rub it into your face and neck before rinsing thoroughly with warm water again.

Next apply one to two pumps of the MY Anti-Aging Serum to your freshly-washed skin and rub until completely absorbed. Doing so will greatly improve your face’s moisturization, correct dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and eliminate ingrown hairs, nourishing it and making it much smoother, cleaner and younger.

Get MY Anti-Aging Serum for free when you buy $50 or more in skin care products. *No discount code needed; Just add to cart.


Finally, add some sunscreen. Yes! Men with melanin need sunscreen!

We all need some Vitamin D… but don’t overdo it. Catching some rays is fine, you just gotta make sure you’re smart about it. Too much sun can really be too much of a good thing. 

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Corey Hartman of Skin Wellness Institute, it’s important to take into consideration sun exposure and your skin sensitivity when deciding to wear sunscreen.

Sun protection goes beyond wrinkles and sunburns. Serious health problems such as skin cancer have been linked to sun damage. So, gentlemen, make sure you’re taking your skin and health seriously by wearing a minimum of SPF 30.

Skin cancer and other risks associated with too much sun exposure aren’t something to fool around with. When it comes to protecting your skin, don’t take any risks. When in doubt, wear sunscreen! 

Get Your Shine On Before Dozing Off


The long day is finally winding down. Before dozing off, remember to get your shine on in the evening. 

After washing your face with MY Face Cleanser, the next step is to grab the MY Face Hydrator to moisturize and hydrate. Apply one or two pumps of it onto your skin before rubbing it in until it's fully absorbed.  

Don't have time to fully cleanse your face? No worries, the MY Face Toner is in your kit to help for those quick cleanses. Pump a small amount in a cotton ball and gently apply it to your face until it’s completely absorbed. 

Finally, end the night with another application of the 
MY Anti-Aging Serum. For guys with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, the ingredients will give you a double dose of moisturization that will continue to correct imperfections and eliminate ingrown hairs. 

Start Your MY Age Defender Kit Routine Today

"Amazing! My skin has cleared up from a recent breakout I had. My favorites are the Tea Tree wash and the Anti-Aging Serum is HYDRATING. The lotion is lightweight so that helps balance my oily/combo skin and the toner is not overwhelming and refreshing after a wash."
- Ricky S, My Age Defender Kit Customer

You’ve only got one face, right? It’s time to treat it with what it needs so you can look fresh and feel unstoppable throughout the day. 

By consistently using this skincare routine designed for guys like you, you’ll be able to exude that confident, clean vibe you’ve always wanted to. Give it a shot - and check out some of our other all-natural facial care products while you’re at it so you can keep on shining. 


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