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Is a Durag Bad for your Hair?

Is a Durag Bad for your Hair?

Written by: Brandon Patton



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Let’s address something I get asked about all the time: durags. 

For many of us with textured hair, durags and wave caps are a part of our day-to-day lives — like my man Dave E. whose collection ranges from silk and satin to velvet, in just about every colorway. And just like Dave, many gentlemen want to know: Does wearing a durag have anything to do with the fact that my hair is thinning? 

Here’s the good news: Durags can actually be beneficial for hair growth — you just have to know what you’re doing! Let’s break down everything you need to know.

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How does wearing a durag prevent, even reverse, hair loss?

It protects new hair growth.

New hair growth is super delicate. Covering your head while you sleep helps to preserve strands during these early stages, giving them a chance to grow healthy and strong.

It guards against friction.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase (which many of us do) can create a lot of friction against your hair, leading to damage and breakage. You can protect the integrity of your hair by covering up with a durag at night.

It boosts the efficacy of your hair treatment.

By wearing a durag after applying your hair treatment, you ensure that the product completely saturates your hair and scalp — in a sense, locking it in. We highly recommend pairing your durag with a plant-based, regenerative hair serum like MY Hair Repair Serum for best results.

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What else can I do to promote hair growth?

Don’t overbrush.

There is such a thing as overbrushing, which can put unnecessary stress on your hair strands and follicles, accelerating hair loss. If you can, get yourself a soft-bristled brush to use gently and sparingly.

Massage before you cover.

Before putting on your durag or wave cap, take 2-3 minutes to massage your scalp. A few minutes in the morning and evening stimulate blood flow to the area, nourishing follicles with the nutrients and oxygen necessary for stronger, healthier hair growth.

Bottom line

Durags and wave caps have long been used to protect textured hairstyles — and now, we know they’re equally effective for guarding against hair loss.

Do you wear a durag? Do you find it helpful in terms of hair growth? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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