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Winter Beard Care Checklist

Winter Beard Care Checklist

We are in the thick of Winter and the harshness of the season wrecks havoc on our beards. Dryness, breakage, and limited growth can be seen when a routine is not followed. Brandon, our certified trichologist has the beard care checklist that will help get you looking good and feeling confident. 

1. Wash your beard

Your beard is a trap for debris, sweat, pollutants, and bacteria.Use a beard wash shampoo once or twice a week to keep the beard and skin underneath clean and hydrated. MY Wash is specifically formulated to eliminate the impurities that cause breakouts, odor, and dullness. Give yourself the upper hand, with a clean slate, and a clean beard.


2. Follow with a rinse beard conditioner

My Beard ConditionerMake sure your beard is making the most powerful statement possible. Use a beard conditioner at least three times a week for strength, shine, and to retain moisture. MY Beard Conditioner is a utility conditioner that repairs and prevents damage for a smoother, more hydrated beard that’s softer and easier to manage. 


3. Use a leave-in beard hydrator


Brittle beards don’t grow. MY Hydration Conditioner is a leave-in treatment that works to restore your beard's moisture all day long. Add a hydrating conditioner into your morning and night routine to reduce daily dryness that causes breakage. 


4. Seal in hydration with a beard oil


Seal in the moisture into your beard and smooth the cuticles to promote shine. MY Serum Beard Oil is a tested and perfected all-natural oil blend created to nourish your beard without a heavy, greasy feel.

5. Lock everything in with a beard balm


When something is well maintained, it’s stronger in the long run. Your beard is no different. Make MY Balm a staple in your beard care routine to protect, moisturize, and style on a daily.

6. Do a facial scrub or mask

Your body sheds skin cells to make room for new ones. Dead skin cells that don’t get removed can be the culprit for dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Easily prevent this by adding MY Face Scrub to your skincare routine. Do once or twice a week for a nourished beard.


7. Use a wooden beard pick or comb

 Wood beard picksand combs are great for detangling your beard and reducing split ends. Our tools are handcrafted to be strong and get the job done, all while being beautifully designed and finished to the highest standards.





For more beard care tips, check out our YouTube page

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