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Shop Black-Owned This Black History Month

It's the national holiday of the Black community! 

As a black-owned business, we know the importance of being represented and creating a safe community. That's why this month, we are using our platforms to shine a spotlight on black companies that you should know. 

Save, share, and shop black excellence all month long!

Humbl Hustlr

With the help of a diverse group of male innovators, the Humbl Hustlr creates programming to motivate and cultivate the next generation of black male leaders.

Humbl Hustlr Group was created for the hard-workers and go-getters who all too often go unnoticed. Not only does this group create amazing apparel and accessories, they give back to the community through community clean-ups, mentorship for future black leaders, and workshops and events for entrepreneurs.

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Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire is a unisex fragrance brand created by artist, curator, and entrepreneur, Chris Classic. 

This black-owned business makes parfums, candles, and mists with scents such as tobacco, bergamot, blood orange and sandalwood to create sensual and attractive fragrance profiles. In addition, the company has a line of apparel and accessories, designed with their signature crown, to keep you looking fly.

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Blood of a Nation

Blood Of A Nation is a lifestyle brand that celebrates Caribbean and African heritage, traditions, culture, and camaraderie. “Black Is A Vibe”, the flagship phrase of the company, has become a campaign that many people of color worldwide have used to promote love, creativity, resilience, and unapologetic blackness.

Seen on celebrities like actor and comedian Anthony Anderson, comedian, KevOnStage, activist and on-air personality AJ Calloway, and former basketball player and now-activist Stephen Jackson Sr., the Black Is A Vibe memo has made its way around the world and into important spaces.

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Benson. By Marcel

Benson Watch Company was started by Marcel Benson out of his passion for timepieces. Named amongst the top Black-owned watch brands in the United States by the New York Times and ranked near the top of “25 Watch Brands to Know” in Town & Country Magazine, the brand creates classic, elegant watches and bracelets that blend vintage luxury with modern minimalism.

Benson’s slogan is “Time Should Be Spent Doing What You Love.” The company’s mission is to encourage the masses to apply the idea to their lives through timepieces.

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Mister Ok's Essentials

Mister OK’s Essentials is on a mission to heal the world with good vibes.

Using 100% soy wax, wooden cedar wicks, and essential oils, Mister OK’s candles promote clean burning and an eccentric vibe within the home. Scents help us bridge place and time with memories and experiences. Think about the men in your life and their characteristics. The strong father, the cheerful uncle, the funny best friend. Now, try to assign a scent to those men. Don’t worry, Mister OK has got you covered.

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Southern Gents

Southern Gents is a high end clothing brand that sells suits, shoes, and accessories for men and women. The company aims to unite Gents around the world regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or disability through the delivery of enlightening information and contemporary, yet classic clothing.

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Blackballed Golf

Blackballed Golf is an apparel brand striving to promote a diverse and inclusive golf lifestyle while merging performance-driven apparel with fashion-forward trends.

The ‘traditional’ golf scene is a thing of the past as a new generation of golfers fall in love with the game. Throughout the history of golf, there has been an exclusive country club vibe that has discouraged the people who do not fit the mold to shy away from playing the sport.

Blackballed Golf strives to break down those barriers and celebrate our differences. They believe that golf is for everyone.

Humbl Hustlr Website  

SWAV Eyewear

SWAV Eyewear has a mission to motivate inspire & empower goal-oriented visionaries to achieve absolute greatness. 

They believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment. To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is. So they make sure everyone has an equal chance to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from or what looks they like to boss. They exist to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.

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Dungeon Forward

Dungeon Forward is the brain child of Architect David Castro. Founded in 2008, the Dungeon was created to develop pieces directly inspired by and for the creative community. They focused on head wear in 2014 after realizing that the crown was often treated as an after thought. "Our" crown needed to be better than that and Castro aspired to not only create innovative head wear, but to tell a story while doing so. Through head wear it is their intent to call attention to stories of triumph, and to infuse poetic inspiration into our crowns. 

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B Condoms

In 2011, while speaking with his mother about the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancy, B Condoms founder, Jason, was moved to start a journey that would forever change his life, and the trajectory of health disparities in the Black community. The lack of ownership and representation in an industry that directly impacts the health of millions of Black people led him to leave a comfortable job as an Attorney to start a condom company geared towards protecting the culture.

The company makes condoms that are odorless, vegan friendly, all natural, free of spermicide, animal products (organic), parabens, casein, gluten and glycerin. 

In addition, the company hopes to initiate conversations, be relevant and lead discussions that give all people a seat at the table.  They partner with non-profits, donate thousands of condoms and work to reduce sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy, and human trafficking in the Black community.

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