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Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

There are so many people who are excited about the prospect of using CBD and enjoying the benefits that it provides. However, there is a roadblock to many that makes them hesitant to use it on a regular basis. While CBD is derived from cannabis, and while CBD may be legal, cannabinoids like THC are not. While THC infused products are becoming more legal in a handful of states, many employers remain sticklers about making sure their employees test drug-free. If you are a regular user of CBD, do you need to be concerned about what may show up on a drug test?

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

No. CBD itself does not show up on a drug test, and the biggest reason for that is because drug tests aren’t testing for the presence of CBD. CBD is not only federally legal, but it is also non-intoxicating (it doesn’t make you high or otherwise impair you). With CBD, you’re good to go!1


But as we mentioned, CBD isn’t so much of a concern as much as what may be included in your CBD product. Even though THC is still listed as a Schedule 1 drug and is federally prohibited, trace amounts of THC are allowed in CBD products (up to .03%). The question you should be asking isn’t “does CBD show up on a drug test,” it’s “does taking CBD products put me at risk of triggering a positive drug test?”

Does Taking CBD Products Put Me at Risk of Triggering a Positive Drug Test?

The answer to this question is yes, if you aren’t careful. If you are regularly drug tested and need to be sure that you have 0% THC in your body at any given time, there are specific CBD products that you can still enjoy. Here are some popular options for CBD products and whether or not you should avoid them.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD refers to a product that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in the hemp that was processed to make it. This includes trace amounts of THC, so if you absolutely have to avoid THC, you should absolutely avoid full-spectrum CBD products.If you are interested in being able to enjoy other cannabinoids but have to avoid CBD, you should consider broad-spectrum CBD products, which include a broad spectrum of cannabinoids but are processed to specifically eliminate THC.

CBD Isolate

Products that contain CBD isolate contain onlyCBD and are very, very unlikely to trigger a positive drug test. While these products are often more expensive because they require far more processing, they are also the best option if you have to avoid THC.

Research the Brand and the Product Before Consuming

Just because a product says “CBD isolate” or “THC-free” doesn’t mean it is. CBD products are not strongly regulated right now, and there are a lot of companies that will lie to you in an attempt to charge you a premium on a product that is less expensive for them to produce. Follow these steps to make sure that you aren’t getting duped and potentially putting your job at risk:

1. Double-check where the product was made.

Seeing which state produced your CBD product is a good way to put your mind at a bit more ease. If your product was made in California or Colorado, you’re likely getting an extremely high-quality, THC-free product, as the hemp industries in each of those states are long-standing. If the product doesn’t give a location at all, you should avoid taking it.2

2. Check for positive keywords.

There are keywords you can look for that can also give the product credibility. Words like “CO2-extracted,” “solvent-free,” and “lab-tested” generally indicate that the highest forms of processing and extraction were used and there shouldn’t be THC present.2 

3. Request lab results from the manufacturer

The only real way to be absolutely sure about the quality of a product is to request the lab results for any given CBD product you are interested in. High-quality brands that sell CBD isolate will have lab results available that prove their product doesn’t contain any THC. If your product claims to be CBD isolate but doesn’t offer any lab results as proof, you should be very skeptical.2 

Do Your Research and Be Safe

It’s hard to balance improving your quality of life through CBD and facing the risks of a potential positive drug test and losing your job. You should always do the leg-work of research on any product or brand you’re interested in to make sure you aren’t getting duped by a predatory company.


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