3 Tips For New Beard Growth

Where do you start and what beard tools should you use? These are questions I

Starting a new beard journey can be confusing, frustrating, and challenging. Where do you start and what beard tools should you use? These are questions I had myself when I began my beard journey. Through trial and error I figured it.  In turn, I have been able to help over 10,000 men with their beard journey.  If you are just starting out on your beard journey I put together 3 powerful tips that will assist you in the beginning.


What you do in the beginning stages of your new growth is very important because it can either make or break your reason for growing a beard in the first place. 

No doubt what you're growing a beard for is to be more confident, masculine, and attractive. What better way to do it, than to do it the right way, huh? I included in this post, 3 powerful and effective tips to help you in your journey to grow your new; scratch that; your best beard in the first week. So, without further ado, let's just get right to it!


In your journey to grow a new beard, the first, and most important thing you should know is how to care for that new growth, and what to use.

So, my recommendation for you on this is to use these 3 core beard care tools:

  • BEARD WASH: This should be the most obvious tool of the three, but for newbies who might be asking "why beard wash?" It's important to keep your beard clean all the time. Even though you still have some stubbles, using a beard wash at the beginning of your journey will keep your beard clean and fresh in the long run when it gets full. So, it's important to start off on the right foot.

Even though you still have some stubbles, using a beard wash at the beginning of your journey will keep your beard clean and fresh in the long run when it gets full

  • BEARD HYDRATOR: You have to keep your growing beard hydrated and to do that, you'll need a beard hydrator. Even though your journey just started, and you still have stubbles, they still need to be hydrated. As your beard grows thicker and becomes mature, those little stubbles you have now will become the tips and the oldest part of your beard. Hence, taking good care of them now, rather than later, is the best thing for your beard when it becomes full. Keeping your stubbles healthy from the beginning will help you take a giant leap over split ends, cracks, and a whole lot of damage. A healthy stubble basically equals a healthy full beard - It's just that simple. So, hydrate, and keep that new growth healthy now, not later! Later might just be too late.
  • BEARD OIL: This is the last tool you can use to care for your new growth. Beard oil will help you soothe, soften, and moisturize your new growth, and keep it looking fresh and nice. Basically, it dials down the irritation of that new growth and makes it look good.


Simply washing your beard doesn’t make it healthy enough. You'll also need to exfoliate with a beard scrub/exfoliant like the MY Face scrub. This is very important to your journey because, typically, you're going to have a lot of dry skin. Dry skin can trap bacteria and fungus, and that's going to cause a lot of problems, bumps, and even infection.

Dry skin can also give you "Ingrown Hairs". New hair growing on your face, will get trapped under the dry skin, and grow back into your skin. That could be really bad for you, and you might want to stand clear of that. 

So, exfoliate, but not too much. When you exfoliate your beard with a beard scrub/exfoliant, all that dry skin will start to disappear.

It's not only your beard that needs scrubbing, but your face also does. Having a nice beard is much better when you have a smooth face to go with it. So, you should also get a good scrub/exfoliant for your whole face.

This tip will help keep your face polished, and your beard, nice and clean.


Last but not the least, you have to be patient. Time, a whole lot of time is what separates you from getting that full, fresh, and sleek beard you want. But, you have to be patient and be realistic. Truth is, no one grows a thick, full, Viking beard overnight. Even though you think it's the beard to come that matters, it's really not. The little stubbles you have now is what matters right now. Care for your new growth, be patient, and eventually, one morning you'll wake up and realize that all that care and waiting paid off. What I'm saying, in essence, is, worry about the full beards when they come, but for now? you should worry about the stubbles.  

You have to let it grow, keep it trimmed and neat, use necessary beard care tools, eat right, drink right, and most importantly, focus on the 'now', and not the 'later'. Let's be real- It won't be easy, and it won't come as quickly as you want, but I guarantee you, a little bit of patience will go a long way in your journey.

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