• CheChe, take your toxic crap some place else. Plenty of woman love beards so beat it.

  • Speaking for many women…here’s the solution. ..just man up and shave already! We don’t like your beards!

  • If you are a cigarette smoker you are poisoning your body and your beard. I smoked cigarettes for 40+ years and quit 2 years ago. Not only is my overall health 200% better but I have hair growing back on my scalp and my beard is thicker and fuller than it has ever been. It is incredible what harm cigarettes did to my beard. Think about the tar, ammonia, and arsenic that is soaking into your beard with every drag you take.

  • I have been using beard oil and balm for about three months and Wow……..

    Kenneth Thomas
  • Most Powerful Beard Oil on the Planet is from DIRTYAPE BEARDCLUB

    Every hair Growth ad repair property in one bottle, All Natural Organic is a plus.


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