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Beard Derma Roller Results & Common Mistakes

Written by: Brandon Patton



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In the world of grooming and self-care, you can expect a learning curve. It takes time to learn which beard styles suit your face, the products that work for you, the products that don’t work for you, and so on. 

But there’s one thing you want to get right from the get-go: derma rolling. Otherwise, you run the risk of nasty infection, severe pain, and impaired hair growth. After watching my Instagram Live about the hair-boosting properties of derma rolling, a member of our community named Dorian bought himself a 1.5mm derma roller. A few weeks later, he hit me up on Instagram. 

This time, he was frustrated. 

He was dealing with a series of problems — scalp sensitivity, pain, and zero progress on hair growth.

After asking Dorian some questions, luckily I was able to get to the bottom of his frustrations. Here are the three mistakes I identified from Dorian’s derma rolling routine — and what you can do instead.

Sanitize before and after each use

You don’t want bad bacteria creeping up in your wound. This can cause terrible infection. A simple spritz with alcohol —  before and after — will do the trick. 

Be gentle

If you don’t use a gentle hand while derma rolling, you may experience redness and inflammation. You may even cause damage to the hair growth process. Don’t press down too intensely. When derma rolling, remember this: firm, but gentle.

Don’t share a derma roller with anyone else.

Prevent infection by keeping your derma rolling tool to yourself. We get it — it can be tempting to share. Maybe you have a lady in your household who uses derma rolling as part of her skincare routine. Whatever the case, make sure you have your own. You’ll thank me later! 

Alright, gentlemen! Those are your three things to keep in mind to make derma rolling effective and most importantly, safe. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with other topics you’d like me to cover here in The DEN. 

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