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Black-Owned Holiday Gift Guide for Him – all under $100!

Shopping for the men who mean most to you can be tricky, especially during the holiday season. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a complete gift guide that will take your holiday gifting to the next level. Whether you’re shopping for your father, brother, best friend, or partner, this list is sure to have something each of them will enjoy – all without breaking the bank!


Humbl Hustlr

'Black Hustlr' T-shirt $24.99

Humbl Hustlr is a lifestyle brand celebrating entrepreneurs and corporate hustlers. Effort is not always seen, much like the hard work of our go-getters, which is why the E in both Humbl and Hustlr are removed. 

The Humbl Hustlr brand is more than just apparel. The Humbl Hustlr holds community clean-ups, workshops and seminars, and mentorship programs rooted in brotherhood and leadership.

This is the perfect gift to remind the man in your life that his effort is seen and appreciated  – whether he has his own business, is working hard to finish school, or being a super-dad at home.

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Blood Of A Nation

Black is a vibe

'Black Is A Vibe' Hoodie $42

Blood Of A Nation is a lifestyle brand that celebrates Caribbean and African heritage, traditions, culture, and camaraderie. “Black Is A Vibe”, the flagship phrase of the company, has become a campaign that many people of color worldwide have used to promote love, creativity, resilience, and unapologetic blackness.

Seen on celebrities like actor and comedian Anthony Anderson, comedian, Kev on Stage, activist and on-air personality AJ Calloway, and former basketball player and now-activist Stephen Jackson Sr., the Black Is A Vibe memo has made its way around the world and into important spaces.

If you’re looking for a gift that is both practical (hoodie season is fast approaching) and sentimental, the Black Is A Vibe hoodie is the way to go. 

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Kle Way


Kle Way Durag 

Kle Way is a new headwear company established in 2020. Kle Way provides its customers with the best quality of headwraps without compromising on style. These custom made, never-before-seen, silk durags are made with kente patterns originating from Ghana and help keep your hair moisturized and healthy. 

This is the perfect gift for the man in your life who sports a low cut with waves or likes to keep his locs neat and clean in between retwists.

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Jewelry + Accessories



‘KICK IT!’ Enamel Pin $15

‘Anything Is Possible’ Enamel Pin $15

‘K.O.’ Enamel Pin Set $25

JJ Arts LLC is a Black-owned art and merch shop. Speak it, believe it, hard work, and dedication are the pillars that this brand was built on and thrives off of. These pins were created with a goal in mind: to get the brand message into every school district in the United States (and beyond!). These pins serve as a reminder to the youth to follow their dreams, spread positivity and live their best lives. 

These pins can be added to the outside of jean jackets, tennis shoes, baseball caps, bookbags, and more.

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Benson By Marcel


‘Omega’ Bracelet $49

The Omega bracelet is the newest collection to the Benson assortment. Smartly created by design lead Marcel, this piece represents completion. This is the perfect gift for the man who appreciates understated luxury. He is smart, he is sophisticated, and he has a keen sense of style.

This bracelet comes in both silver and rose gold tones. 

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Mister OK’s Essentials


‘Kiss Me Birch’ candle $10

‘Empathy” candle $10

‘Bachelor’s Pad’ candle $10

Contrary to popular belief, candles are a great gift for men! Using 100% soy wax, wooden cedar wicks, and essential oils, Mister OK’s candles promote clean burning and an eccentric vibe within the home. Scents help us bridge place and time with memories and experiences. Think about the men in your life and their characteristics. The strong father, the cheerful uncle, the funny best friend. Now, try to assign a scent to those men. Don’t worry, Mister OK has got you covered.

The ‘Kiss Me Birch’ candle is for the traditional and sophisticated man. With vivid notes of eucalyptus and cypress, this candle creates a unique crispness for any room or office.

The ‘Empathy’ candle is perfect for the “big teddy bear” in your life. It creates a warm ambiance perfectly balanced between sweet and woodsy. Light spices, cedarwood, rich vanilla, and warm coconut make up the scent profile of this cozy candle.

The ‘Bachelor’s Pad’ candle begins with hints of sweet orange and grapefruit, followed by amber and bergamot. The infusion of these ingredients creates a natural and earthy scent that is perfect for – you guessed it – a bachelor’s pad OR a man cave.

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Savoir Faire


Savoir Faire Signature Eau De Parfum $95

Now,this is a gift that has many faces. “Smell goods” are a universal and timeless gift. You can’t go wrong putting this under the tree for any of the men in your life. Savoir Faire’s Signature Eau De Parfum is an introductory scent that is light and perfect for the beginner (as opposed to colognes that are a little heavier and more fragrant). Key notes in this scent profile are tomato leaf, leather, sandalwood, musk, and amber essence. The 50 ml/1.7 fl oz bottle is perfect for travel. Just throw it in your work, gym, or spend-the-night bag and go!

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Health + Grooming


The Doctor Dapper

Gloria Rose Herbal Tea $22.22

“Never look like what you’re going through or what you’ve been through.” With Doctor Dapper’s Gloria Rose herbal tea, you are sure to finish your cup feeling more refreshed than when you first started. Air-dried pineapples, mangoes, papayas, oranges, apples, and rose petals make up 3 grams of this sweet tea. 

This is the perfect gift for new dads that need a moment to relax, seasoned gentlemen that want to take the edge off after a long day of work, and grandfathers who want to wind down after playing with the grandkids.

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Garner’s Garden


Oxy Pulling Oral Rinse $9.99

Garner’s Garden is a 100% natural skincare line providing the highest quality beauty products at affordable prices. Ever heard of the oil-pulling method? Oil-pulling is a home remedy that dates back thousands of years and is still practiced today. It has been used for many reasons – most commonly to whiten teeth and remove microscopic organisms that cause oral diseases. Oxy-pulling was designed to take its place. The oil-pulling method required users to swish oil around in their mouths for approximately 15-20 minutes. Oxy-pulling takes about 30 seconds to achieve 10x the results of traditional oil-pulling.

This is perfect for men who eat or drink foods (curry, tomato-based sauces, berries, beets) and beverages (dark sodas, coffee, red wine) known to stain teeth. Also great for those with a major sweet tooth. Keep his teeth white and his smile healthy with this oxy-pulling rinse!

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The Marc of Genius


Cut Connoisseur Trimmers $75

If there’s one thing we know about the Black man, it’s that barbershop culture runs deep. The relationship between man and barber is REAL. Many men have had the same barber since they were kids. This year several barbershops have had to close indefinitely due to the pandemic, causing men to cut their hair themselves. Because Black hair tends to be coarse and curly, this limits the barbering tools that are readily available that won’t cause ingrown hairs and painful razors bumps. Marc Ford, Licensed Master Barber of The Marc of Genius, has got you covered!

Marc is the owner of Marc Edmunds Grooming Lounge in Windsor Hills, California. Marc Edmunds Grooming Lounge is a private grooming studio that provides haircuts and grooming products for men and women of all ages.

Marc has developed the Cut Connoisseur Trimmers to combat many of the issues that are particularly challenging for Black skin and hair. These trimmers are lightweight, cordless, and perfect for the beginner while maintaining a professional-grade cut. The modified blades and fitting guard (included) are perfect for trimming, shaping up, and manscaping. 

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You’ve made it to the end of this Black-owned holiday gift guide for Him! In highlighting 10 different Black-owned businesses with products all under $100, we hope that this guide helps to relieve some of the pressure of holiday gift-giving for the Black men in your life.

Happy Holidays!

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