Hair Care and Beard Health Products

How do I know which hair loss product(s) I need to purchase?

Take the hair quiz by clicking at the top right corner OR reach out to our community team for assistance choosing the right product for you.

My skin is easily irritated. What ingredients are in your products?

Our products are made of primarily all-natural and certified organic ingredients.

MY Balm has hardened and is difficult to use. What can I do?

The balm contains beeswax and shea butter ingredients. These ingredients can cause the MY Balm to solidify when exposed to low temperatures. Use a blow dryer or warm water to warm the container and balm safely. For best results, keep the MY Balm stored between 55°F - 80°F.

Can I use the EAG beard products on my scalp? Can I use EAG hair products on my beard?

While some of our hair and beard products share some of the overlapping ingredients, we recommend using beard care and hair loss products specifically for their intended purpose. Beard care products are designed for the beard and skin underneath your beard. The Hair loss products are designed for your hair and scalp

What’s the difference between the MY Growth Gummies vs. the MY Growth Vitamins.

MY Growth Gummies: Chewable, have a pleasant taste, and are easy to take with a healthy boost of nutrients; they provide beneficial nutrients. MY Growth Vitamins form offers a potent dose of vitamins and minerals that you might be missing from your regular diet.

Do the MY Growth Gummies vegan-friendly?

No, however, they are vegetarian-friendly.

Do you sell derma rollers?

Yes! Check them out here